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Day One Entry: Jan 29, 2016

Since I've been sick and broke, I've been reading more lately.

Yanno how it took me like a month (or so) to get through iWoz? Ha! Well I've burned through the five (5!) available volumes of 'The Preston Six' by Matt Ryan. Pretty good SciFi. Hope the sixth and final(?) comes out soon.

Started in on 'After the Ending', by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue. It's about a worldwide Flu epidemic, that I suspect is not quite what we think it should be. Not exactly the subject matter anyone would pick when they've got some sort of respiratory thing going on. But I picked it and so read it I shall. Told from the perspective of two BFF's that live on opposite sides of the country. Started it right before I fell asleep early this morning. Interesting so far.

Discovered (thanks to some online friends) bookbub.com. Service shows you specials from your favorite book e-tailers, Amazon, iBooks, Nook, etc. Picked up a bunch e-books for free!

Actually feeling somewhat more human today. Or maybe it's just the drugs or the coffee. Or maybe the actual 7 hours of sleep I got. Dunno, but I'm still not going to push myself too hard today.

Happy Friday. Wait. It is Friday isn't it?? Ha!

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