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In Dreams...

Not every one gets the truth.

Some folk know I didn’t sleep last night, because I told you. When I go through what I call an **apnea episode** - Multiple nights of no (or very little) sleep, it obviously screws with me. Friday night/ Saturday morning I slept for 12 hours. *I had some weirdness going on in here*. **Parts of the jail, parts of my past, some weird made up shit from the lower recesses of my mind. Ha! Who knows, maybe a glimpse of the future**. HA HA! NO.

And Tammy. Damn if  Herself wasn't in there too.

Given the state of these dreams though, they scare me.  And that’s why I penalize myself another night of sleep. Sometimes I can get away with not having these episodic dreams…

They wake me up. Not necessarily nightmares, but just a vague uneasiness… It only happens when I am exhausted. Or during the actual episodes of apnea. Right before I jerk awake.

Guess what after three days? Exhausted. I should be okay tonight though. Benadryl is my friend.

I’ve talked about these “Things” before. It was a while back. Back when  Herself and I started to have our *”Troubles”*
Tags: 42, apnea, dreams, sleep
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