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Well, Then There's This

When I took my eBike out today, I dropped a Kuerig coffee maker in the saddlebag. Then I dropped it down the trash chute in the garage.

Could have sold it, or gave it away, but I just felt it wouldn’t be right. All those little plastic cups that would go into landfills. God knows I used enough of them. And this was a small one that fit in the box I pack when I’m roadtrippin’. *sigh* I still have another that has a reservoir for water. It’s got to go too. If nothing else, it will be two less things to pack up when I move. And I can ditch all the paraphernalia that came with them too.

Took this with my phone at the top of the parking garage after my ride.

Do you think it looks like rain?
Tags: 42, coffee, environment, photoagraphs
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