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And So the Complex Had a "BBQ"

Pretty standard faire for the complex parties. Think they had Bud Light (geesh), Several wines, and the Piece d’Resistance, A Margarita Machine! Had a few of those, and a hot dog, and some brisket. Potato salad and pickles and onions. And I ate too much. And I drank too much. *laughs* No surprise there.

They also had give-a-ways and yours truly won a gift card worth $100.00. Nice. I hardly ever win anything.

Sat with a nice German guy, Georg. And a bodybuilding schoolteacher from Detroit *Yes, THAT Detroit who ran her mouth the entire time. Sammi. Gave me her number. Or we traded texts.

She was pretty well lit when she got there. Got some kind of issues going there. All she talked about was sex. Wanting it, having it. Just doing it. Might have been a hint. But not for me. Maybe for the German.

Might have been seeking some sort of affirmation that is was okay to think about sex all the time. Well I could affirm that. “But why do you give a fuck what anyone thinks? You are a forty year old grown ass beautiful woman. Do what you want! With whomever you want. But you are gonna run into haters, who will try to make you feel guilty over multiple partners.” I think she already had run into them. I said, “Fuck them! Who gives a shit what they think!

“And lo, look unto the field where I grow my fucks and see that it is barren…”

Frankly she sounded like a man talking bragging about all his conquests. Kinda sad really. Been my experience that people that talk about sex like that are usually not getting enough. If any. I thought she was there with the German, until her boyfriend showed up. Big, built Hispanic dude. He was drunk too. And didn’t hang around long.Think maybe he was intimidated by all the people there. I think she has a room-mate that is not him.

She was cute, I’ll give her that. About 5’1” and built like a brick shit house. I did give my new neighbors some insight as to what was available as far as eating and entertainment was around. Talked up my watering hole, so they’ll probably head over there at some point.

She kept trying to put me in some sort of box, or label me somehow. And I defy most labels I think. She finally settled on I’m a variation of “The Dude.” Because “I abide”, apparently. I think it was because she was drunk and I have long, somewhat unruly hair and a goatee. And I just don’t like labels.

They shut the party off at around seven-ish and the three of us sat around talking till about eight, when she spilled her last drink on herself. She said she was going to walk the German home and I let them get out first as I was not feeling real great at the moment. As I said, I ate too much.

I think I’ll just settle in here and either watch some TV, a movie or something, or plant myself on the couch and play some of my Skyrim character. Got a meeting with probation folks on Monday so I’m being good.
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