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You Can Never Tell a Book by It's Cover

Heh. It figures. Been reading this post-apocalyptic book series. Like Mad Max and such? I like this stuff.

After War by Angela White. The heroine is a woman named Angela...*Wait? What?!? About life after total nuclear war. It is waaaaay the hell out there on the jagged edge of science fiction.

Annnnnd I'm about to start Book 7.

The supposed Descendants of Christ play a big part in this series.

They have been hidden from or suppressed by the world's governments for centuries. Once discovered they are harried. Side with the government(s) (which all seem to be working in collusion with each other as far as Descendants are concerned) or be taken into custody to be studied and weaponized any way. Or go into hiding.

Descendants are imbued or empowered with supernatural psychic powers. Heal wounds, protect the regular folk, become bulletproof, predict or control weather, etc. You can pick up the general idea. They are post-apocalyptic superheroes.

The series picks up right after the total destruction of everything. Something big was about to happen and so the football was tossed and the world pretty much mostly destroyed. Story is told from an American centric narration *Natch! With a side trip to Pitcairn Island which I am pretty sure plays a bigger part in the series later.

Now most know I am not a religious man. But I did find the premise interesting.

The first bunch of books (1 through 5) were written fairly well. I can admit to being roped in. Sixth and seventh got a little graphic with the sexy parts and I could deal with that too. Psychics and sex. Just imagine if your lover could be inside your head at THAT moment. FIREWORKS!!

I decided to look into the author Angela White just to get a feel for who she was.

She's got a blogger blog (http://authorangelawhite.blogspot.com/) and some kind of interactive Web site dealing with the series that looks like it was coded in the '80's. (http://safehavenrefugeecamp.webstarts.com/index.html?r=20110707223910) The blog also looks rather dated but is still updated regularly. Who am I to say?

My blogger blogs (I have 5 still up) look pretty dated too and I coded them myself. And they should because I haven't touched them since about 2007. So there is that...

She had a FB presence until Feb 3rd. (https://www.facebook.com/Angela7white) when she bailed due to some crazy BLM business. Sounding familiar?

She's a Bundy-ite survivalist! I kinda got the survivalist part from the notes in the books. Totally taken by surprise on the BLM stuff.

Looks like she self publishes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I admire that ingenuity myself. I'm not coherent enough to put a book together so I admire any one who has. She written and published at least 10 or 12 books.Available in several different e-Book houses. Has a family. A Home. Etc.

There are several side series. Which I will probably read too.

Real life can get pretty interesting. Real Fast. I know this for a fact.

Never would have guessed the Constitutionalist part. Totally floored me.
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