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I'm Old Not Dead...

Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants.


Coffee Machine, Dad?

Stopped downstairs to try the new coffee machine they installed in the Hi-rise after the kitchen got flooded out last year. It makes a latte that is *bleeeeechhh* sweet… Asked The Offspring she who used to be a $tarBuck$ Barista about that… “Coffee Machine, Dad?

Me: Yep
She: Most coffee machine *now* add sugar into expresso type drinks.
M: WTF?! Residual from the previous drink?
Maybe but machine lattes usually have sugar in them to make coffee more palatable
M: Really. That’s kinda stupid. Order a latte. You know it won’t be sweet.
S:Starbucks culture makes people think coffee is supposed to be sweet
M: Really *Hmph*

…Time passes

M: Just for the sake of science thought I’d try another. Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll sweet…
S: Hah there’s def sugar in there.
M: *crickets*
M: *crickets*

Any way the Yoga Pants Thing.

Decided since is was such a nice day I’d sit on the patio down by the pool and have coffee after she dropped me off at **the Cave** from that odious chore with the countyand read my book sitting out in it. Lovely day.

No repercussions this time thank the gods. Once I got in, I was out fairly quickly. Told her the Tranny story, she actually got me on it I think.

… Sorry for the digression

So I got my cup of coffee and went out to the patio. There was a seeming parade of Yoga panted *Is that a word, or just what I was doing…?* persons passing through the area. Repeatedly. I didn’t mind. Not one little bit. Might be sitting down there still, except both my broken toes started throbbing. I wanted to get back to the Cave and take my shoes off.

One gal stopped at the table I was sitting at to ask me if I was the one that won the Gift Card? So now I guess I’m ‘That old guy that won the $100 gift card’.
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