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Met With the County...

I won’t be moving anywhere outside of driving distance of Houston. They don’t do transfers any more. Extreme circumstances only. Oh I could still move, but I would have to report in Houston once a month.

I rather expected some such. She said they would up until about three years ago. Apparently the judges all got together and decided to just DON’T DO IT. Honestly though, I don’t really know.

I’m disappointed, but not heartbroken. Not broken either. I am however, broke.

So I’ve got a goal. Or five. As far as these government fucks are concerned. I mean, I’ve got more, but these are my county goals:

  1. Stay the fuck out of that thrice-damned jail!
  2. Finish this bullshit up. If I get current and stay there it’ll still be into next year before I can get away from these people.
  3. Do the damned treatment they seem to think is necessary. I disagree, but really have no choice.
  4. Pay up on all the crap I need to for this thing.
  5. And seriously think about GTFO of Houston.
As far as 3. I don’t believe I have a substance abuse issue. They seem to think I do, so all I can do is respectfully disagree. And do what they say.

Short term is to start to prepare to move. Figure out where I’m moving to and start moving in THAT direction. I’ve already got an option, but I ain’t done poking that bee’s hive yet…
Tags: 42, dwi, probation
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