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Well... Who KNEW!?

Uber'ed to my watering hole, preparing to pay for a decent night out. Was going to mind my own business… Folks came up and said, “Missed you, amigo! Lemmee buy you a beer.” Not in those exact words, but close. I ended up with a zero $ tab. James offered to make sure I had a ride home, but I suspect the man had bought most of my beers, as he kept telling me, “Happy Belated Birthday!” Aight, but my day was back in February, who the fuck am I to argue?Thanked them all and uber'ed (is that a word?) my way home. It was a nice night.

Be that as it may, in an utterly unrelated vein, have a listen to this, Etta James, and ‘A Sunday Kind of Love’. Holy shit…

What a voice. And attitude…

Feeling liked, if not loved...
Tags: 42, friends
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