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Journaling Habits

The Offspring asked yesterday, “Why I was going back and kind of touching all my journal entries? Do you refer back to them often?” I tried to explain that I was moving from piece of software to another and I actually was spending most of the time tweaking metadata that didn’t move between the two. That led top “What is Metadata? And why do you care if it is consistent? And again, ‘Do you refer back to your journals?’

I explained what tags were. (like hashtags basically) And that if everything was in one place it would need to tweaked, so that when I did look something up, I would get all that was related by searching with the correct tags or sets of tags. I don’t think she got it, really. Perhaps I didn’t explain it well.

Put another way…
I’m getting old. The mind doesn’t work quite as well as it used to and even my long term memory is affected. Short term is a given with my habits (weed) of the last couple of decades. I may not be referring back to it a lot yet, but I am using my journals for (not ) just that. I do actually look back sometimes. What was my emotional state at the time or what about those around me at the time? What else was going on? What was I feeling and why? I don’t always record precisely what my mood was at any given time, but the tags I use(d) are also somewhat indicative of this.

I don’t do that just as a sort of brain dump which is what she does. But it helps to empty and calm her mind.

And I, generally when in a writing mood will write multiple entries a day. If I’ve got electronics with me, a phone or tablet, then I have the means to write, if I feel the need. She also keeps a paper journal. (I don’t) My handwriting is atrocious, so if I want to go back and read something it needs to be typed or dictated! Given the state of electronics today, I am nearly able to do that just with a PHONE!Some software agents just do not get my accent. Yet.
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