TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Grace & Frankie - The End

Just watched the first episode of Grace and Frankie. One of NetFlix's forays into original programming. Stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlinson, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston. They play two married couples connected by their husbands law firm. Looks like the two women really don't like each other very much. They are both quite surprised when they are told by their husbands at a restaurant that they want a divorce because they are in love. With each OTHER!

Grace and Frankie end up at a shared beach house. They spend the night on the beach after sipping Peyote tea and swallowing muscle relaxers. The next day they stumble back to the beach house plop into a couple of chairs with their coffee and say, "Now what?" Fade to black...

Grace (Jane) seems a very conventional woman. As conventional as you can be with money in California. She is a published self help author. While Frankie (Lilly)seems a bit more hippy, dippy, new agey totally unconventional woman. The peyote was hers of course. It was in the freezer at the beach house. She was saving it for a Vision Quest (heh) to be taken with her husband, Sol (Sam) that will never happen now.

Sol and Robert (Martin) have some really nice screen time together. The two women seem very uncomfortable together.

I see some binge watching in my future.
Tags: 42, netflix, television
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