TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Auld Friends

One of my longtime friends texted last night, as she was in town to attend a memorial service for her recently deceased Aunt, and asked if I wanted to catch some breakfast in the morning. I agreed, as it had been too long since we had gotten together.

Both slept late. I was up till 0300 or 0400, and so it turned into lunch. After some back and forth we decided to meet at a Fuddrucker’s near where she was staying as after our meal, she was heading out of town. Nice guy that I am, I didn't want her to drive into town and then back out…

Because let’s face it, Houston traffic sucks. And she was up off 290 on the NW side of town. 290 is under construction and the traffic there can be especially bad, even on weekends.

It was a late lunch (after 200 PM). Food was good. Fudd’s Burgers, YUM! They had one of these newfangled drink dispenser with led screens for choosing drinks. The had 1/2 dozen different flavors of Ginger Ale. Too cool for school.

*Guess it has been a while since I’ve been in a Fudds*

We got into several deep conversations as is our wont. And before we knew it the clock read after six PM. Bailed out of there and ended up talking in the parking lot for another two plus hours. We’ve always been long winded and talk about all kinds of crazy crap. But this was long even for us…

Sheesh! We gotta try to get together more often…

Good to see you phoenixisrisen! Love you bunches!
Tags: 42, friends
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