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People need to realize that trans folk are not the same as pedophiles… Just the same as gay folk are not pedophiles. Neither of them are perverts. They are not enemies. They are not Other.

I’m not gay, nor trans. Nor any of the other initials. I, like you, am merely a person. A human being. And I’m tired.

I don’t wanna see no man in the bathroom with ma daughters… We gots to protect our wimmen an’ chil’ren!

Pathetic… And quite discouraging. With all that is wrong with this country, nay the world! And we gotta worry about who is peeing where.

I weep for America. And I’m tired.

I started to post this on my Facebook page. Then I got frightened. Not of the repercussions, but of the reactions of various people that I call - Friend. Because I want to continue to call some of them that. People I admire. Others, I will (and have) let go.

When someone feels that strongly about something like that I don’t think I have the power or the will (not anymore) to change their mind. I don’t have the words.

I feel like we (as a nation) have battled against prejudice, inequality, and discrimination for just about my entire life.

I’m tired of it. And I’m white. And straight.

I see it seemingly being rolled back before my very eyes. It ain’t right…

I’m tired of it. Old and tired.

I weep for America…
Tags: 42, lgbtq, stuff_i_do_not_like, stupid_shit
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