TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Flotsam and Jetsom of a Life...

"It Ain't The Years, It's The Mileage..."
Since my move in June I've been finding bits and pieces of my life as I unpack more cases and containers...
A few days ago I found an old Nano (2d Gen) Model A1199, 4 GB. Was my first real iPod. Got it when I bought my 3d Mac, a MacBook Pro back in 2007 it came with it as a promotion. It has a metallic bright (BRIGHT!) green case, and I even got it engraved (Free!) with my personal motto...
"It ain't the years, it's the mileage"
Once I got the thing and started using it, I was hooked. It was a constant companion. But capacity quickly became an issue and sooooooo...
An 80 GB iPod (they were not yet called "Classic", I think) was soon procured. The 4 GB Nano was relegated to special occasion use. It used to hang off of my closet door in "The Cave" (my old apartment). I used it to hold all my Holiday music, since I didn't sync that stuff to my bigger, badder iPod.
When I found it a couple of days ago, it was dead of course. Hooked it up to a charger and after a few hours it would display and even play music. But it will not hold a charge.
Kind of a shame really, because I really liked the Belden case I had bought for it. Outer case is a green silicon that snapped over the unit, it also had a protective clear insert that left the screen and the "Click Wheel" visible and accessible. It has a soft cotton lanyard with which to carry it around your neck like a magical musical necklace. I think it was also one of the first models that put the headphone jack in the bottom of the unit. The connection of the lanyard was such that the Nano hung upside down from it.
As kind of a lark (or experiment) I looked up battery replacement on ifixit.com. Holy hell!

Looks to be kind of a Woolly booger just to get to the battery. Has to be completely disassembled. And you have to ultimately break a soldered connection (which would have to be re-soldered upon reassembly, of course).

So I am sorry old friend, but it seems it is time to say good bye. If I was closer to a body of water I'd make a little boat and give you a Viking funeral. But alas...

On the upside, I also found a late model 16GB Nano (7th Gen) with it, that is in perfect working order.
...Needs a dang case though
Tags: 42, apple, tech_support, technology
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