TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I have a friend who did not vote in the national election, because to her way of thinking the whole system is rigged against minorities. In other words, anyone who is not a white male.  There’s a lot of truth to that. If you cannot wrap your head around that then you are probably a white middle aged or older white male.

And she thinks what we need is more Jesus in our life… And also that Obama was but a tool for the establishment.  But this was my reply to her FB post:

"You do have that right. I am just a bit disappointed that you chose to participate this way. Prayer is all well and good. But action is also required. What about "God helps those who help themselves"? Do you really think you were helping yourself and those you love by doing NOTHING? You have to participate in order to facilitate. Facilitate change. This probably means nothing to you coming from an old white boy you used to work with... But you have to work with what you've got to make things better. On your knees ain't the way now. Stand up and be counted. Or be discounted. I've said enough. Huh. Maybe too much."

The conversation continues on but that was my best part. LOL.

If you know me, you know I am not a religious man. I think there is too much religion in our government as it is via the republicans who pander to evangelicals. I think the less god we have in our government the better off we will be. Separation of church and state and all that entails. The Founding Fathers had the right of it here… If for no other reason, which god would you have us use? The Christian god? The Muslim God? The Hindu Pantheon? Or perhaps the Buddhist Set will set you free.

That will leave others that are of good and righteous character out in the cold because they don’t believe in your particular flavor of God?

It is one of my own firm beliefs that you do not have to have God in your life in order to know right from wrong. Knowledge of God doesn’t keep you from doing wrong. What you do need is someone to give you the core beliefs of what is right. And (of course) what is wrong. This is usually in the form of parents or other grownup that influence you as you grow into adulthood.


The Electoral College. The popular vote was eased out again by this antiquated leftover procedure from another time. I really don’t care who would have won, it is past time for the EC to go…

I cannot say how disappointed I am with this particular election cycle. Let’s just say massively and leave it at that. It has been massively ugly this time around. I wasn’t real hot for Sec. Clinton to be President. She wasn’t my first choice. I wasn’t sure she could beat Trump. The numbers just weren’t there for her.

I was for Bernie. Voted for him in the primary. I believed in his message. But I was a good Democrat and toed the line when Ms. Clinton was nominated.

I suspect that the nomination was stolen from Bernie because so many DNC folk didn’t think he could win against Mr. Trump and didn’t believe the crowd that said she could not prevail against Trump. If this election was rigged *anywhere* I believe this is where it was (if indeed it was) done.

Both Bernie and Trump offered something outside the norms of political discourse. This has been an unusual election cycle on more than a few levels. I think the Dems refused to see that the time was ripe for radical change. Neither of the establish parties were willing to listen to the people and they have paid for it.

And now we will all pay the price for it.
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