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About Me and Some Other Stuff...


Here's an intro blurb I wrote that hasn't quite made it to my LJ bio. It did, however make it onto a dating Web site with some small content changes. And that was the first and last one of THOSE I'm likely to try any time soon.

About TexasT's

It just feels weird to do that. It's just strange to me. I got some hits on the site, but man just feels weird trying to startup a conversation with complete strangers...

"Well T's, just what do you think we do here on LiveJournal?" Nowwaitjustadarnedminute... *laughs*


Now for Some Other Stuff

I love music. But I'm also partially deaf. I think it must be age related. Along with some abusive behaviors when I was younger. When the Even folk put out their earphones with the ability to set an "Earprint" I thought this was a great idea.

So, originally I bought some of these Even earphones. Once I got them set right, I thought they beat just about anything else I put in my ears.

These were a replacement for some really nice V-Moda earphones I had that I lost on a bus trip across town. I was crushed when I realized I had dropped them. About 2 connections back. *sigh*

In fact, I liked them so much that when the Headphones came out, I had planned to order a set of these Even H1Headphones to replace a set of over ears headphones I had blown. They were and ARE pretty nice.

As I said, I liked both sets. The H1's are not really my cup (heh) of tea to carry around all the time, so the earphones were my everyday carry set. It was unfortunate but after I owned them for a while, I started experiencing some sound drop. Started examining the lines and it looked like the interior part of the plug (that goes into the sound source) was separating from the case that surrounded it.

Emailed Even Support and got a quick response, asking me to send them back and they would have a look, and likely replace them, and even pay my shipping costs! Took me a while but I did finally get them shipped off.

Saturday I got my replacement set. They sent me a new H1 set. Likely a mistake, but I'm likely keeping them. They can go into my Briefcase or the backpack I tend to carry. The earphones sounded great but the barrel that contained the battery and controls felt a bit unwieldy. It is the same size as the one for the H1 headphones. Love the sound but for an EDC (Every Day Carry) set or something I use on my bicycle I'm thinking I can use something cheaper.

As a matter of fact, on my bike I use a version of the original Aftershokz. Tune in without tuning outThese are bone conduction headphones that leave your ears completely open. They lay on the side of your head and conduct the sound through the bones.

This was a kickstarter or indigogo project I backed. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how well they worked. You can listen to tunes on your bike without being completely shut off from the environment around you.

Have an older BT set too but they never seemed to fit around my big head correctly like the wired version does. They now make a set that are adjustable. I might invest in them at some point in the future after my wired set dies.
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