TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

That Ain't Right

My house is an Apple house. There are three Macs, three iPhones, two Apple TV's, several iiterations of iPod, iPads. I've got a first gen Apple Watch. Hell, if you looked hard enough you might find a dead Newton!

But one thing you won't find is Apple's versions of ear phones. The original ones hurt my ears to use, and the newer sets just fall out of my ears. So the new wireless ones, while they look cool and probably sound pretty good, will likely never cross the threshold of my abode. Retail is about $180.00

Now I told you that so that I could tell you this...

I belong to an Apple Watch group on Facebook. The group owner can be kind of a dick, but I like some of the others in the group, and honestly the group can be helpful at times. This dude had put up a pair of the new ear pods ,which have not quite hit retail markets, up for sale on the page at just about double retail. $300 bucks. A member called him on it and was threatened with "The Ban Hammer".

This has left a bad taste in my mouth for a couple of reasons.
1. Dunno, but I don't think you should be threatened for speaking your mind. But it's his group, so his rules I guess. As I said, he can be somewhat of a dick.

2. Doubling the price is just akin to scalping tickets and just about the skummiest things you can do. I detest scalpers with a red hot passion.

I'm almost ready to bounce myself out of that group after giving that low down sob a piece of my mind.

Oh. One more thing. The LJ app for iOS? Still sucks for a long entry... *laughs*
Tags: tech, tech_support
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