TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

There Are Times When I Really Should

Not feed the trolls.

Just provoked evangelical on a friend's FB page. I know I shouldn't do it. I knew he would be apoplectic when I left my comment. I even did a messenger note to my friend apologizing.

He rose to my bait. "I want you to cite specific examples of people trying to force their religion down peoples throats"...And tried to talk about global persecution of Christians. I was like nahhhh. I won't cite shit. Don't you watch the news? Read the newspaper? What about state legislators trying to make Christianity protected? Or declaring the US a "Christian" nation.

How about when all Abramic religions were regarding each other and infidel and making state wide "My way or the highway" statements. And systemically trying to annihilate each other. Not much has really changed, eh? All are complicit. Doesn't make them right. Are you one of those people that gets upset when someone tells you "Happy Holidays"? Then have yourself a "Merry Christmas". Etc...

I'm not going to change your views, nor are you going to change mine, I just want people to acknowledge that there are different views from yours.

"And Good day to you, Sir! I said Good Day!"


To whit: To my way of thinking all of them are equally bad and have no place in government. If you need religion to force you to be a good or moral person, then humanity is already lost.

But I may not be religious, but if you want to be that's fine. Just don't force it on me or mine. Or anyone else for that matter.
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