TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

The Complete Travel Writings of Mark Twain

Well damn. Who knew that this was going to be such a hard set to read?

If I have been trying to put myself to sleep at night with it, I have certainly been successful. *laughs* Trying to read a bit of this before I go to sleep for about three weeks now and my Kindle says I am 5% in. That's pretty awful for someone that likes to read as much as I do. Should have finished this already.

It isn't so much that the material is boring, but that the writing style of the thing just puts me to sleep. I guess. I know it isn't a race, but jeebus, I do expect things to move along, and this one? Well, it just isn't.

So I guess I'll put it aside for now as I've got several other books queued up to read. First of all the book I mentioned yesterday in this Needed to Switch It Up, The Cyberpunk Trilogy now has my attention. Getting through the first few chapters was quite diverting and left me wanting more. So there you have it.

Twain shall be put aside for now (seems almost un-American to say such) to be brought up later... Maybe.


An Aside.

Been slightly conflabulated on how to reference books when referencing them. Quick google search and...

And there are a couple different schools of thought at work... Meh. You can use quotes or italics. Or a couple other things as well.
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