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Move Along... Nothing to See Here, Folks!

So I have a membership at ourtime.com. Not really sure about this online dating thing. Filled out my profile. Spent some time on it too. Got a recent picture. Sprang for a paid month.

But honestly, I guess I'm kinda old school. Got a few hits from some nice (well I hope they are nice women from the ages of 43 to early 60's. And a couple from their mid 70's. *laughs* They were out of my league. Little over my age limit, but hell, more power to 'em!

Logged in once and a woman that was nearly 80 from OKC wanted to chat!

But after having one long chat convo with a nice lady that was a veterinary surgeon, whom I let go rather than string her on, even though she seemed really nice, I realized I am likely not healthy enough to date. Nor am I really dating material. Got no car, no spare income right now, and my health is somewhat poorly. *Somewhat* Hah!

Why did I spring for a paid month? Curiosity mostly. Never used online dating at all. I never really gave it much thought. Never had to. Always fell from one relationship to the next in rapid succession for the most part. Usually women that I knew in one form or another.

But now? Since I moved out to the 'burbs, I'm in kind of social limbo. A social desert as it may be.

Not hanging out with friends because they mostly live in town. Gave up hanging in my element. Bars mostly, because I had to. *There will be more about this in subsequent posts* This is likely a temporary situation.

But you see, I'm a bit lonely. The online thing was just to gauge the game, as it were. See if my game needed to be upped. Likely it does. My paid membership expired yesterday. So I can log on. (and log off). But not much else.

And now of course, my email associated with the account is jammed with things like:

  • You have +1 Flirt and 6 unread flirts

  • She said YES, find out who she is!

  • You have 4 new messages!

  • You're a MATCH! See who is interested in you!

  • She's flirting with you!

  • She said YES, find out who she is!

And I cannot see any of the content. Sorry bastards. It's likely just clickbait too.

But wait! I just got a coupon in my email for 25% off to renew! Feh! Heh. Going to think on it for a bit and will likely shut my account down... Walk away. It was an interesting month. But yanno, the dating game seems like a whole lot of work, and not that likely for a good return. MEH.
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