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That Escalated Quickly

I think some angry, self proclaimed deplorable woman called me out as a "stupid fucktard" at some point last night on a friend's page. Made me laugh.

He's ex military, and conservative. I'm about done with the guy any way as the rhetoric on his page is getting to be a bit much even by my tolerance standards. It will be a relatively easy transition for me.

At one point the guy was trying to offer me an admin job at his start-up company, but I don't think it's gonna happen at this point. Not to mention, I myself am not sure I could work with our for such a bunch of ignorant fuck tards. Some of the shit they espouse is just beyond the pale for some.

Their primary clients are law enforcement types, and we all know how well I get along with those people. Which is to say. I don't. I'd likely never call a cop.

A shame really, I genuinely like the guy. But you can be judged by the company you keep. Much as I respect most military folks (I am a navy brat after all) when they take the ‘far right’ to ‘alt right’ attitude (and not all do) I find it damn near intolerable to watch, speak to, listen to, etc. It’s not rhetoric I respond to in a favorable way, not in their eyes and certainly not in mine. I won’t convince them to change, nor will they I. Sooooo.

Pick your battles or some such.

I've already decided not to respond to the silly comment that was left. Sometimes it's just best to let sleeping deplorables lie.

Besides, I’m not even sure the woman was yelling at me.
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