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Still Great!

I posted this originally on Jan 2, 2009. It is still good stuff.

Beaker sings "Yellow". Greatness!

I have been going through my old entries and archiving them in one form or another. Or at least making sure I have copies some where. I am unto locate my old LJBooks I did for some years. They are here, I'm pretty sure. Just not sure exactly where. Obsess much Tom?

At any rate, that old stuff certainly makes for some interesting reading. Sometimes think my life is an utter mess right now...

Heh. Well no, not really. I was in fucking chaos back then. Real chaos. On the back end of a bad relationship with wife 3.0. We were done and trying to separate everything as amicably as possible. Or I was at any rate. Not exactly sure when it was that I became "The One Most Evil" but I'm fairly certain it was around this time. I sometimes still struggle with that. I mean I wasn't the one that was stepping out on my significant other, but I'm still the evil one... Of course I wasn't sure of that at the time. I had my suspisions but nothing concrete. Whatever...

This entry from the 2d Jan 2009 was amusing... Or it is NOW. Back then, not so much...

Never a Dull Moment

And then the aftermath when the plumber cometh

Kind of fun looking back at some of this and wondering how the fuck it was I kept a cool head through most of it. Fucking sad too.

So. Much. Drama.
I just gotta laugh.


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Jan. 31st, 2017 11:06 am (UTC)
I think SHE (wife 3.0) was trying to be a Modern Woman - you know, the sort that can do anything.

I remember you having all sorts of maintenance issues when you were getting the house ready for the market. Like the hose - ha!

And The Cool One - was he a Sagg by any chance?

It IS a wonder you kept a cool head. You deserve a medal!

Cool video, by the way :)

Jan. 31st, 2017 03:58 pm (UTC)
She could do anything. It was how she moved through the world. That was one of the gifts I gave her. The belief that she could do or be anything she wanted.

That damned house! Ran me broke trying to get it ready to sell.

No. He is a Virgo of all things. Wisdom, sanity, patience and clarity. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And no. No, I don't deserve anything. Least of all, a medal.
Feb. 1st, 2017 12:30 pm (UTC)
Aaaw! When I was a young woman I had a bumper sticker that said Women can Do Anything! And I believed it. I used to change my own tyres and everything! My mother was very capable, too, made her own window screens! And changed her own tap washes! Chopped wood, grew vegies, was a good horse woman etc etc. (My dad reckons I was a good horse woman, too :) )

All those repairs would have nearly sent you broke!

Ah, the Virgo heavy handedness. I get it. They're my opposite. I don't usually get on with them very well. Though I do seem to be getting closer to my Virgo sister in old age and also my friend Massage lady, I can see her urge to want to help people. She used to be a nurse. Very compassionate. Also, my #2 SIL is Virgo. I must say, they do try to be perfect in everything. Including being a husband!

You do deserve some accolades for the effort you put into that last relationship. A pity that dude poached her and got her addicted to meth :(

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