TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Book: Crash Shadow: A Tale of Two Addicts by Jeffrey Matucha

Not usually one to write reviews, I'd much rather read them. But this? This moved me. That and the book was written by an LJ friend of mine jvmatucha

Two addicts formerly linked, searching for something. Or someone. There was hope for peace at the end as both seemed to suffer some sort of insight that made them want to get from under their respective monkeys (on their backs). They were so close and missed each other by inches.

A good read with some valid insights into tweaker and punk sub-cultures, and a very nice left turn into the clean and sober culture of 12 steppers. Some of the views towards which of one of the characters I happen to agree with. They can tend to get caught up in the rote and ritual of 12 stepping. The program is the only way. If you ain't working' it then you do not exist in their universe. I have personal experience with some of this. It resonated.

I have to assume the author knows wherefrom he speaks, or interviews people really well.

I burned through the last third of the book rather quickly yesterday afternoon and evening. Also I'd like to know what became of some of the characters in this book. Don't leave me hangin' man!

I'm awaiting the next tome from Mr. Matucha. Whether it be a sequel or something altogether different. Best get busy, sir!

**Technical issues: **There were some quirks in the publishing of the book. Some lines did not end right, the formatting seemed to be off a bit. And for a while there I couldn't get the book to load properly onto my Kindle. I started to read the pdf version a few days ago that Mr. Matucha was kind enough to send me a couple months ago, but sometimes pdf's do not load quite right either. I decided to see if Amazon (or whoever) had resolved whatever issues that the book had as a download and lo and behold I got a download-able and read-able version of Crash Shadow: A Tale of Two Addicts.
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