TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

"What Will We Do Now?!?"

Quote from a person on being informed of the death of Marvin Zindler, Consumer crusader (and so much more!) at Houston's channel 13, KTRK. Marvin died after a battle with pancreatic cancer.
Article from the Houston Chronicle: Marvin Zindler

From Channel 13's website: Marvin Zindler Dies

Zindler achieved national fame for being the person that forced the closure of the famed "Chicken Ranch" brothel which was immortalized in the movie, "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

This was probably the least of his many achievements.

Rest in Peace, Marvin...We are gonna miss you.

I think the title of this post will have to be the quote of the day.
Tags: life

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