TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Department of 'This is Why We Cannot Have Nice Things...'

Dawg meet immovable object.

Had a 20 - 40 lbs amethyst geode sitting on the patio table for a couple of months in the back yard. Meant to clean the thing up and bring it in once I had a place for it.

Now I'll have to find places for them as it is now broken into about a dozen pieces. DAWG tried to get between a plant pot and said table at a high rate of speed, wobbled the table and the geode fell to the concrete, shattering. You know I never considered it to be a large thing, but it sure was dense (heavy).

This Is Why We Cannot Have Nice Things...

On the plus side the thing won't be as unwieldy as it was.

This Is Why We Cannot Have Nice Things...

I suppose I should be grateful the big goof wasn't hurt when it fell. I've carried that thing around with me for nearly 30 years without incident aside from the occasional strained muscle from moving the heavy fucker...
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