TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

To Feed? Or Not to Feed...

Engaged with a FB troll last night. Not really sure why. I guess just to see where the dude's head was at. He commented on a video I posted about a little girl who's Dad was carted off by ICE right in front of her.

We went back and forth for about 30 entries. He started to get a bit rigid and insulting. I finally wished him to have a good life. He came back with, "I have a great life."
"Good. Go live it somewhere else."
"Somewhere else?"
"Yeah, off my page."
"Nah. You made a public post, I'm gonna make you famous, I'm going to share this with every one."

Okay, so at that point I locked the post to friends only and blocked his dumbass. It was about 2 in the morning.

He talked about turning illegals in because American taxpayers are tired of footing the bill for them. I cannot fathom. The conversation was almost surreal.

Cannot really say I "won" in the exchange, but maybe I gave him something to think about. Or maybe whichever one of my conservative friends put my post into his radar as I suspect it was one of those guys. (always guys it seems) HAH! Nahhhhhhh. Likely didn't give it a second thought.
Tags: do_not_feed_the_trolls, facebook_follies, feed_the_trolls
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