TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Shoot What I See...

Still in Hospital.

Thought I was getting discharged today, however something my doctors saw must have given them pause. I think I've not progressed as well as I could have done over the last few days. Progress had been made and I'm somewhat optimistic, but with a thing like COPD it only progresses. It's just a matter of how quickly.

They believe that the diabetes onset had been caused by the drug cocktails (steroids) and will calm once I've stabilized and moved off the drugs. As in I will likely not be diabetic. At least not yet.

The hypertension is also in question as I don't really have a history of it. But a wait and see is also required.

If it is what it is I think I can deal with it.

Any way, I came across this picture here on some of the doors in the ward. It looks to be put on rooms holding geriatrics that are contagious with something or other. Just a reminder that everyone needs to be touched. It about knocked me top my knees.

I've taken a few others while I've been here on this floor.

I tell you though, this little incident has certainly got me thinking about mortality and things.

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