TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

COPD Still Sucks...

But I was laughing when I said that.

Sort of.

Housemate and I ventured out to Subways today. Glad I took one of my bottles with me. By the time we got to the place, I had already opened the valve, and was working on it.

Checked the AQ* report when we got back... Need to make a habit out of that when I get up. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either. *laughs* Matter of fact I've got the app on my phone.

Kinda ticks me off now and again, that the weather can just fuck me over without so much as a "By your leave! " Supposed to be about the same tomorrow as well.


Been putting up a few pictures in my room. Haven't found the ones I really want to hang. I know where they are... Mostly. And I just haven't been able to make myself dig them out of there. Feels like I just got all that stuff stacked where I needed it and now I need to go mess that shit up. Dig through boxes... Etc..

* Air Quality Report

Tags: 42, copd_sucks

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