TexasT's (texasts) wrote,


I've had better days than today health wise. I am feeling like hell. And have all day. Just gone 10PM local. Air Quality left a lot to be desired today.

Made the trip across town today to see the Probation Person.

And the wench kept me there for nearly two hours before she saw me. Signed in at 210PM. She pulled me into the back at around 300PM. Maybe a little after.

Then left me to cool my jets until nearly four in a small ante room. Got in to see her finally. She could see I was fucking annoyed. And yeah she asked, so I fucking told her. I have better shit to do than sitting around this damn place cooling my heels because you're overbooked or something. She didn't keep me long because of that because I was not having any of it. Left at around 415...

My appointment was for 230.

Had to stop in the hall once because I ran out of steam. And then I had to make a pit stop because my meds make me pee something fierce. Or at least make me want to go something fierce. *laughs*

None of this helped my mood or my breathing.

Fuck it.
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