TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well He Ain't the Flash...

But he is quite fast...

So that Sunflower Patch Out in the Backyard...

Has given the dog hours of distraction. Why, you might ask, would a dawg be interested in sunflowers?

Views From Where I've Been #the_view_from_where_i_am

The neighborhood bushy tailed rats are all over those plants. He has watched them, just rapt with attention. And not the good kind either...

Well, it ain't good for the squirrels anyway.

However, since neither the House-Mate nor myself are very keen in wanting to clean up dead squirrel in the back yard, we give them just a bit of a warning. Even doing that, the quick like-a-bunny dawg has caught one.

It went over the back fence to feed... *something* out there in that field.
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