TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

The Daily Zen

Lake water enters the bamboo fence,
Mountains surround the cottage.
A recluse’s life avoids this world.
The unused door hides behind
A green moss hue;
When a stranger passes,
The white birds fly in alarm.
Selling herbs, I taste and comp
But charge no price.
I do some gardening,
But love to do it unplanned.
Why is the wooded path leading
To T’ien-chu monastery
Still in autumn
Deeply dreaming in blue?

- Lin Pu

Seems to be about the right time for me to be circling back around to this site once again... Used to hit this space once a day. And about half the time I did not understand what was being said. Still won't likely... But at least now, I am more open to it than ever before...

Tags: daily zen, daily_zen
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