TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well Fug!

So I just went out to get the trash can and recycle bin to the back of the house.

I figured I should be good to go and do that.


I got down the sidewalk had to stop for a few. Walked over to the bins and uprighted them. Stop for a few seconds. Wheel the bin to the back gate and into the back yard. Chest got tighter while I was at the gate because of...

Apparently the neighbors have been out and someone overdid it with the perfume. Made it into the back yard and thought;

"I didn't check to see if the back door was unlocked, it it is locked I'm likely to have a hissy fit right here in the backyard..."

Sure enough, the door was locked. By this time I was nearly panting, there is no air for me here. You have no idea what a panic inducing moment something like this is until you experience it. I sat down in the chair on the patio so I could get a fucking grip. Pulled out my inhaler and did three pulls on it, and sat there for a few more moments until I could feel myself calming down a bit. Walked back around to the front door.

I couldn't wait to get on the O2 once it was in reach.

I don't want to think that this is my lot now. Every time I go to do something I need to have a bottle tag along too? Something is either wrong, or REALLY wrong.

I really need to find out what the fuck?! Going to call the doctors office in the AM

#meds #health_issues #copd #breathing
Tags: #breathing, #copd, #health_issues, #meds
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