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Congratulations! Woot!

You did it, alleycat2681! I know graduation isn't until next month, but today is actually the last day you'll be there, and you won't be at graduation anyway...

Say Good-bye to Stephen F. Austin State University!

Amber, I am so proud of you! It was a long row to hoe, but now you can start to harvest the fruits of your hard 4 years of labour!

I'm sure it seems kind of scary to have this phase of your life playing out, but I know you're gonna do well in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue...

Good luck in Tucson, Sweetie! I'm sure your gonna knock 'em dead! Hard to imagine you're gonna be more than three hours away after this week...

Gotta go now. I'm all choked up. *sniff*

Tags: alleycat2681, life, my kids, notes from cube city
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