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Of Notebooks and Fountain Pens

New Thing - I picked up a Lamy 'Safari'...
A fine tipped fountain pen. Came recommended by folks at Code&Quill. Not just the company but users of their fine paper products. Also have a couple of their notebooks coming in the next week or so.
New Lamy Safari Fine Tip Fountain Pen

But the pen is an interesting instrument. The nib seems to pick up paper debris. Means I'm pressing too hard likely. I've another with a medium nib being shipped from England. A 'Vista'. That model has a see-thru body or barrel. I already like the one I've got. But I would like to try a medium nib. I didn't realize at the time that was where it was coming from. Not until I got the shipping notice from Amazon.

Likely no hope for my sorry handwriting. But there it is anyway...

I've got a little experience with Lamy stationery products. I have either a fine or medium rollerball pen from them I picked up from somewhere. Didn't know what I had at the time. I may have had it for 7 years or so. I believe someone at Shell gave it to me at some point near the time I was being separated from them. It is even a bright yellow. *Heh*. Sure as hell didn't come from ComCast.

Yeah I'm one of those guys. That keep pens for years and years...

Might not have known a decent pen if I held one, but I know what I like. At any rate, I do like the way they feel in the hand.

I'm no collector, or connoisseur but I do like well made things.

Code&Quill are supposed to use a bit nicer read: heavier paper in their notebooks than Moleskine does. I don't know about that, but I reckon I am going to find out. And I've a few of their notebooks around here. And I do use them. I don't journal with them as my handwriting is atrocious. No hope for that.

*And I blame Mrs. Howie. Who was Mrs. Howie? She was my first grade teacher at Pearl Harbor Elementary. (at least I think that was the name of the school). I was left handed. And southpaws were seen as abnormal back then. It was customary at the time to break lefthanded-ness if it was at all possible. Woman had a mean ruler...

Be that as it may, I still do most things with either hand. Except writing. And I mostly eat left handed as well.*

*HAH! - I digress.*But I do use them for taking notes and drawing and such. Such as that is. I am waaaaaaaaay out of practice with drawing or sketching anything. I used to draw and sketch a lot. I really wish I had kept up with it. Because I feel like whatever talent I had probably has leeched away by now.

#southpaws_rule #art_for_arts_sake #art_of_writing #ambi_is_better
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