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How My Mind Works on Paper...

Code & Quill. An online store of wonderful writing stuff

How my mind works on (or with) paper
I am really liking these notebooks from Code & Quill. The particulars on the ones I've got now?

I have a grey Origin The origin is 5.5" X 7.7" and a grey Monolith sized at 7.25" X 10".

  • They are both closer to black in color.

  • Both have the Dot Grid (left) / Indentation Rule (right).

  • They are very nicely put together.

  • They talk about the lay flat design, but I'm not far enough into either of them to see that particular feature in action yet.

  • The paper is fairly thick and a bit shinier than the Moleskines that I know and also love.

C&Q claims that the paper is of a better quality and that's as may be. Both Molskines and Code & Quill maybe too good for me. *laughs* but I do like them a lot.

I think I might consider my next purchase from them with the lined pages (and tick-marks) only, rather than the dotted grid on the left. Of course I've a long way (lots of pages) left to go.

I do love these books, but I'm wondering if my sketching may be better served with a Moleskine with a grid. I have one of these now. (As well as several other Moleskine books) that I got long before I discovered C&Q. Then again the structure of the faintly lined pages in the C&Q might be enough (for what I do)

There's still plenty of time and Pages upon Pages left!!!

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